Data Communications and Networking

Second Semester AY 2021-2022


Catalog Description
Course Number and Section CMSC 137
Course Title Data Communications and Networking
Description Basic principles of data communications; design issues and protocols in the layers of data network; networks for various applications.
Prerequisites CMSC 125
Credit 3 units

The aim of this course is to introduce students to data communications and networking concepts.

At the end of this course the student should be able to:
  1. explain how data is transmitted over communication channels;
  2. identify and describe the different layers of the OSI reference model and TCP/IP protocol suite, including the protocols available for each layer;
  3. describe how different architectures of Local Area Networks and Internetworks operate, together with the services they provide;
  4. protect and secure data in networked environments;
  5. develop network-enabled applications using a high-level programming language;and
  6. perform basic network administration.
Topics (based on ACM's 2013 Curriculum Guidelines)
  1. NC/Introduction
  2. NC/Networked Applications
  3. NC/Reliable Data Delivery
  4. NC/Routing and Forwarding
  5. NC/Local Area Networks
  6. NC/Resource Allocation
  7. NC/Mobility
(A) Problem Sets 40%
(B) Laboratory Exercises 40%
(C) Final Exam (required) 20%
Final Grade A+B+C=100%
Passing grade is 55%. No grade of 4.0 will be given. Grading scale is shown below.
0.00 54.99 5.0
55.00 59.99 3.0
60.00 64.99 2.75
65.00 69.99 2.5
70.00 74.99 2.25
75.00 79.99 2.0
80.00 84.99 0.75
85.00 89.99 1.5
90.00 94.99 1.25
95.00 100 1.0
Attendance Policy

University policy on attendance will apply.

Collaboration Policy

Honor Code
  • Properly acknowledge help received.
  • No looking at solutions/programs from previous years.
  • No sharing of code with other students.
  • Be ready to explain your code.
Google Classroom: TBA


Name Role Email
Joseph Anthony C. Hermocilla Lecture/Laboratory Instructor
Marie Betel B. de Robles Laboratory Instructor
Fermin Roberto G. Lapitan Laboratory Instructor


Week Date Lecture Topics Learning Materials Laboratory
1 Data Communications and Computer Networks Overview Cabling and Wiring
2 Physical Layer Configuring a Linux Box for TCP/IP
3 Physical Layer Packet Analysis
4 Data Link Layer SSH and GPG
5 Data Link Layer Socket Programming
6 Network Layer Subnet Calculations
7 Network Layer, Transport Layer IP Routing
8 Application Layer DNS and BIND9



[FOR]: Forouzan, B.A.2013.Data Communications and Networking, 5th Ed.McGraw-Hill, New York

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